Privacy Policy

CWELLP, as a principle, does not sell or rent personal data as your name, electronic mail address, business and private address and your phone numbers submitted to our website in any way. Thıs data is absolutely not used for direct marketing by us. In case of a necessity CWELLP can use your data without prior information only in the followting cases:

  • To send you printed publications or other correspondences.
  • To send you press releases or notifications via electronic mail.

Personal data can only be accessed by authorized CWELLP staff or our representatives who know the confidentiality of the data. CWELLP can use statistical data (browser type, geographical location, age, gender, etc.) for the purposes of improving the website as a part of the continuous internal review process and to learn more about consumers.

This data is not made given by any means to third parties. This data can only be used for the purposes mentioned above as well as for single-acting communication purposes. If you'd like to learn more about principles of CWELLP's Interactive Confidential Approach, please contact us via